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The Rescuers, Faith, and the Power of Positive Thinking

When difficult times come, people recite an oft-used platitude that is meant to be comforting: “Have faith.” Seems a little vague if you ask me. Have faith…in what? That things will turn out okay in the end? That’s…nice, I guess? Just believe that things will be good and they will be good.

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Knowing Who Wins: Lessons from Infinity War

We’re human and we like to be in control and know how things are going to end. But how often do things actually play out exactly as we envisioned them? We don’t know the end. But God does. What may seem like a detour to us, may be a necessary path for God to get us where we’re going. What seems like two steps back for us, is actually necessary for God to move us forward.

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