6 Ways to Get Motivated to Read Your Bible

You know it's important to spend time with God, but what do you do when you just don't have the motivation to read your Bible? 6 Ways to help you get motivated for your quiet times.

A struggle I often hear from people regarding their Bible study time is simply having the motivation to do it and to read their Bible consistently. We know the Bible is good for us to read, we know we are lucky to have access to it – but we just don’t really wanna. It can be difficult to understand and sometimes even a little…boring.

But check out what the Bible itself has to say about reading God’s Word:

I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches. I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word. – Psalm 119:14-16 NIV

I believe that reading the Bible is far more than something we have to do or should do – it’s something we GET to do. And you can actually enjoy it. So how do we get motivated to spend time in God’s Word?

1) Find Your Why

This has become a popular topic of conversation surrounding goal setting and living purposefully, and I think it applies just as well to our quiet time. Why do you want to spend time in the Bible? “Because I have to” isn’t motivating to anyone. This makes whatever you “have to” do sound like a chore, a boring responsibility, a necessary evil.


“I know I should…” is a phrase that is usually followed quickly by a “but”. Again, not motivating. I know I should eat more vegetables, but do I? No, no I do not.

So seriously, think about why you want to read the Bible (or why you want to WANT to read the Bible). What will motivate you to read the Bible? Do you want to dig deeper into all those Bible stories you learned as a kid? Do you want to learn more about this Jesus guy? Do you want to grow deeper in your faith? Do you want to demolish everyone else at Bible trivia night? Get specific and be honest! What is your reason RIGHT NOW for wanting to read the Bible?

2) Pray Honestly

Maybe you KNOW you should read the Bible, but (*ahem* told ya) you just don’t really feel like it. That’s okay. But don’t rely on your feelings to carry you through your faith and relationship with Jesus. I’ll be honest with you – the feelings will not always be there. You are not going to be over the moon excited to read your Bible every single day.

Motivation is not about making yourself feel like doing this – it’s about having a reason to do it anyway.

I know there can be long seasons of not wanting to read the Bible and spend time with God. I think one of the best things you can do in those times is pray about it. Tell God exactly how you’re feeling. And then ask Him to bring you that desire. Maybe you don’t want to read the Bible right now…but you WANT to want to. That’s only one step away.

Try praying this Bible verse:

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. -Psalm 119:18 NIV

God definitely wants to spend time with you. He’s not trying to make it difficult for you. He can give that desire if you ask Him.

And if you’re hesitant because the Bible is difficult to understand, this same verse applies! God can help you get motivated to read your Bible AND help you understand what you’re reading.

3) Find Something You Like

Maybe you’ve been taught to do Bible study one particular way and it is just so boring for you. There are many ways to read and study the Bible, and there is no right or wrong format. You can find tons of Bible Study methods online and tons of people telling you how to do it - and all of them are completely different.

Be open to trying new things! Something isn’t working for you? That’s okay! Try something else.

Maybe one method worked for you for a while, but you’ve kind of hit a rut or a dead end with it. It’s okay to switch it up.

Your commitment should not be to a Bible study method – it should be to Jesus. Don’t feel obligated to slug through a devotional that you don’t like.

Finding a devotional or study method that I actually enjoy has really helped me get motivated to study the Bible, and switching it up when I hit a rut helps me stay motivated.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your quiet time! Check out some creative ways to get into the Bible here.

4) Start Somewhere

Sometimes I hear about people’s amazing hour long quiet time first thing in the morning and I get a little overwhelmed. That sounds incredible, but whoa.

Maybe you’re just trying to get into the Bible for the first time, or the first time in a long time, and an hour sounds crazy long and overwhelming. You don’t have to start there. Maybe one day you will find a method and the motivation (and the time) to devote an hour of your morning to Bible time, but right here, right now, it’s okay if you’re not at that place.

Start with five or ten minutes. Start with reading one chapter in the morning. Start with a short devotional. It’s okay to start small. God can speak to you if you spend one minute or one hundred with Him.

Want to start small with a quick and easy Bible reading plan? Click here!

I also recommend the First5 App, She Reads Truth/He Reads Truth, and the YouVersion Bible App for some amazing, quick devotionals.

5) Set Yourself Up for Success

Sometimes with a lack of motivation, you can fall into the habit of forgetfulness (or avoidance). So make it easier on yourself. Set a time to do your devotions every day. Try setting a reminder or alarm on your phone so you can’t miss your Bible time.

Set up your Bible study things where you’ll see them. Have trouble turning mindlessly to TV instead of your Bible? Put your Bible on top of the remote so you HAVE to pick it up first.

Make a plan to spend time with God and take tangible steps to follow it!

6) Momentum

I think this is the best tip for building motivation that I’ve found. And I know it’s hard. But I’ve found the more time I spend in the Bible, the more I truly want to be in the Bible. My love for the Word grows with the time I spend reading and studying it.

When you miss a day (or two or three), it becomes a lot easier to fall into the habit of just not doing it. Don’t let a missed day get you down! Just pick it up back and keep going.

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! -Psalm 119:103 NIV

This may not seem to describe your relationship with the Bible right now, but it is possible for you to get there!

Bonus) Do You Have a Bible Buddy?

Things are better with friends! By doing faith-based activities together you can encourage each other in your growth and grow stronger together. Whether you join a Bible Study group, find a Bible study partner, or have an accountability partner just to check in on every now and then, having people come alongside you in your faith journey can be a huge source of encouragement and inspiration to keep going!

Just Do It

Motivation is easily confused with our desire to do something. And while having the feelings to go along with it makes follow-through a lot easier, having a reason to stay committed is more important.

So, when you’re feeling unmotivated to study your Bible try praying for the motivation to come, and until it does, take steps to keep going anyway.

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Let me know down below – how do you get motivated to do your quiet times?