Fresh Intentions


I’ve been seeing a lot of people post about their intentions for the month and what the coming of spring (literally and symbolically) is bringing for them. It’s got me thinking about my own intentions and renewing my New Year’s resolutions. A spring cleaning for my life, if you will. Spring signifies new life and rebirth, and that is what I desire for my life in this next season. It’s easy to get stuck in winter – that cold, lethargic, BLAH (again, literally and symbolically). But winter doesn’t last forever, not in the seasons of the year (no, not even in Canada), and definitely not in the seasons of our life. It’s time to breathe some new life into my routine. So, here are some of my intentions for the month, my Spring Resolutions.

1) Dial back the technology

This one is a constant struggle for me. It is so easy to get caught in the scroll or sit and binge Netflix for hours on end. And since starting this blog, it’s been a little too easy to classify my scrolling as “networking” or “promoting”, when really it’s just as much mindless scrolling as before. Sometimes a good mindless scroll or Netflix session is needed to unwind a little. But I find technology taking over my day and being the first thing I turn to. My goal for the year was to have a life steeped in the Word and to be consistently growing closer to Jesus.

So here’s what I’m changing:

- Getting tough with myself about when/how often/for how long I spend time using technology. No more picking up and checking my phone every 30 seconds. I’m setting a specific time that I can spend on social media each day, and staying off it other than that.

- Being more intentional with the apps I use. Less time on Instagram and Facebook, more time on my Bible and devotional apps.

2) Get my house set up

I’ve been married for almost a year (SAY WHAT), and this house still is not decorated. I’ve hung one thing. This house needs to be de-bachelorized. It’s not really a huge necessity. Like, we’ve survived this long without pictures on the wall, so I don’t think it’s bad for our health. But I just want to pretty-up the place a little. I also have these wild dreams that we will one day have bookcases for all my books and movies...

3) Create more

Growing up in such a technological generation, I am a bit embarrassed to admit, has made it easy for me to think I can’t find anything to do if it doesn’t have a battery. So I want to get more crafty! Now, I’m no amazing artist or anything, but I like to get a little artsy! I’m going to start painting and learning how to do brush lettering and maybe start a collage/book/journal thing. (That’s the technical art term for it, trust me.) I want to do more things with my hands, more things that don’t involve a screen. And I definitely want to be more creative! Creating and imagining really unlock a part of the brain that we don’t necessarily use a lot, and it is so beneficial. I would rather spend my time creating and have something to show for it, than just have another TV show to check off the to-watch list.

4) MORE quiet time

I try to do a devotional and read the Bible and pray every day. But lately it’s been feeling a bit rushed (meaning, I’ve been rushing it) and impersonal (again, my fault). I would like to be able to set a time apart each day that I can really dig deep and spend some serious time with God. I’m still trying to figure out a balance for my life though. So my starting goal is 30 minutes one day a week. Once I consistently do that, we’ll bump it up. I think once I start to take it seriously, the desire to do it will grow, and it won’t be like forcing it into my schedule every day.

5) Get outside and get active!

Spring finally came and I am loving the warmer weather. Which I am proving by the amount of time I spend inside. Oy. So I’m aiming to get outside more! More fresh air, more time in God’s beautiful creation, more time moving my body. I was a couch potato for long enough. Winter is over.

These goals can all be summed up as one: spending my time intentionally. “Intentionality” has been a goal I’ve strived for in many aspects of my life, and now I really need to get intentional with myself. It’s so easy to complain about not having time, but God has given us the time we have. I don’t think He sat there laughing about how little time we would have to do all He’s called us to. He’s given us the time we need, and we need to use it intentionally.

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
— Psalm 90:12 NIV

What are your spring goals? How are you getting creative? How are you getting intentional? Let me know!