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6 Practical Ways to Have More Joy in Your Life

It’s all very good to know that as Christians we can have joy at all times, including the hard moments, but sometimes that’s a little easier said than done. Life is hard and it gets ya down. How can we climb out of that valley and find joy again? Here are six totally practical ways you can add more joy back into your life.

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6 Things to Remember When You Feel Unqualified

We see a lot of stories in the Bible about God using unexpected, unqualified people. But despite them not seeming life the best person for the job (or sometimes seeming like just the absolute WORST person!), God still chose to use them in amazingly mighty ways. Why does God choose to work that way? Here are six things to remember when you feel like being unqualified counts you out!

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Fresh Intentions

Spring signifies new life and rebirth, and that is what I desire for my life in this next season. It’s easy to get stuck in winter – that cold, lethargic, BLAH (again, literally and symbolically). But winter doesn’t last forever, not in the seasons of the year (no, not even in Canada), and definitely not in the seasons of our life. It’s time to breathe some new life into my routine.

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The Result of Putting God First

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How does putting God first really affect the other areas of our lives?  It’s kind of like a staircase – if you solidly plant your foot on that first step, you’ve really set yourself up for success with the rest of the stairs.  But if you trip and fall on the first stair, you end up doing summersaults all the way down.  It’s really hard to catch yourself and get the whole staircase right, when you fumbled that first step.

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