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Unending Love: The Story of the Prodigal Father

In Luke 15 we find the story of the Prodigal Father. “Hold up,” you’re thinking. “I know this one, and you’re getting it wrong. It’s the son that’s a prodigal, not the father.” Okay, you’re not wrong, it is called The Parable of the Lost (or Prodigal) Son, but I’m also not going to say you’re entirely right. But we’ll get to that.

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Fix My Eyes

As Christians, our life is in Christ and our life IS Christ.  God literally gives us breath, but also our spiritual life is only possible through Jesus.  So it’s kind of a fair trade (if fair means we get the vastly better end of the deal) – God gives us life and we give our life to God.  If our life comes from God, our life focus and purpose should be God.  Our whole life is to be devoted to bringing glory to God.

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