8 Amazing Podcasts Every Christian Has To Listen To

8 Amazing Christian Podcasts to encourage and inspire you in your faith.

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If you’ve had a conversation with me in the past couple months or if you’ve been following me on social media, chances are you’ve heard me talk about PODCASTS. It doesn’t really matter what we’re talking about, I’ll probably find a way to slip podcasts in there. And I’m not sorry. Podcasts are the bomb.

I am basically always in the middle of listening to an episode these days. Christian podcasts are such a simple way to spend time with God and grow in your faith. I have found some really fantastic faith-based podcasts that I know you will love. I find them such a great and easy way to dig into my faith, whether it’s through a deep, theological sermon or a light, but practical conversation.

So, without further ado, here are 8 of my favourite Christian podcasts that you absolutely have to check out!

Podcasts on Theology and Spiritual Practices

1) The Bible Project by Tim Mackie & Jon Collins

The Bible Project gets top billing because it was the first Christian podcast that I got into. And when I say “got into” I mean REALLLLLY got into.

Chances are you’ve heard me rave about The Bible Project before. Their YouTube videos are great resources, and their podcast is just as amazing. On the show they often expand on topics from their videos and dig deep into the theology and history. Every episode is jam packed with information. It’s like listening to a lecture from a college professor – your favourite professor who is so passionate about his topic, loves getting to teach it, and makes you love learning about it, too. I love Tim and Jon’s back-and-forth, asking questions to really get to the heart of a subject and bring understanding. (And it has a lot about the Hebrew and Greek words, and this linguistics nerd is here for that.)

Why You Have to Listen: Dig deeper than you ever have before and get a totally fresh look at all the biblical concepts you thought you knew.

Favourite episode: The Image of God (Part 1, 2, 3, and 4). We’ve all heard the verse from Genesis about humans being created in God’s image – but what does that really mean? How does it really affect us? Should it change how we live our lives? This was one mind-boggling series that requires more than one listen.

2) Exploring My Strange Bible by Tim Mackie

Yes, this podcast is by one of the Bible Project guys! Exploring My Strange Bible is a collection of sermons from when Tim was a speaking pastor at Door of Hope Church in Portland, Oregon. Tim is such an engaging speaker, and a bit of a linguistics nerd like me. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to him without getting insanely excited about something. He always brings a fresh and deeper look into scripture. Like, you thought you knew your Bible, until your mind got totally blown by this guy.

Why You Have to Listen: Theologically sound teaching that will bring you to a deeper understanding of the Bible and Jesus.

Favourite episode: The Amazing Jonah (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). A totally new look at an overly familiar story. You learn more about the history and context of the book, and maybe also learn to see a little of yourself in this silly prophet that you’ve kind of enjoyed feeling superior to.

3) Ask Me Anything with J. D. Greear

I was first introduced to Pastor J.D. Greear’s teaching when I did a study with my Young Life youth on Ephesians. We all thought he was amazing. It is so obvious how deeply he loves Jesus and how much he wants everyone he meets to know how wonderful Jesus is too. In Ask Me Anything, we get to send our real life, honest questions into J. D. for him to answer. Absolutely anything goes. And he gives real life, honest answers. I love how practical J. D. can make any topic – he can give a deep, theological response, but won’t leave you without a practical application.

Why You Have to Listen: Quick snippets of practical action steps for living out your faith in the real world.

Favourite episode: How Do You Structure Your Quiet Time? I think this is a struggle every Christian has gone through, and J. D. gives such a practical answer (in only 10 minutes). His recommendations are rooted in truth, but also so easy to implement.

4) Journeywomen by Hunter Beless

Don’t let the name scare you off, fellas! While a few episodes are directed to women, this podcast is good for everyone, women and men alike. On Journeywomen, Hunter interviews various Christian leaders about all sorts of topics and issues we can come across in our journey of faith - from studying our Bible to relationships to the affects of social media, they talk about it all. I love the casual feel paired with the depth of conversation, and the practical steps we can take.

Why You Have to Listen: The thoughts and passions of a wide collection of Christian leaders that matter to your faith and life.

Favourite episode: Why Women Need Theology with Amy Gannett. (Okay, this does seem geared toward women, and some parts of it are, but I think it’s a great episode for everyone!) Amy is super fun and relatable, and talks about how theology is for everyone – not just pastors and scholars.

Lifestyle Podcasts

These shows aren’t always directly “theological”, but they do reveal the impact faith has on everyday life and provide you with plenty of real life application.

5) The Real Life Podcast with Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

I seriously cannot get enough of Jeff and Alyssa. This podcast, their books, their social media – always practical, always life-giving. They’re one of my favourite couples that I frequently forget I don’t actually know in real life. Their conversation-style podcast provides practical advice for all sorts of issues in life and faith, and usually provides a laugh as well.

Why You Have to Listen: The most adorable, fun-loving couple that you will absolutely fall in love with and trust to give you advice for real life and real faith.

Favourite episode: Living as You Truly Are. Alyssa bringing some big time nugs in this episode, sharing a little about her struggle with anxiety and spiritual warfare. Jeff says some good things too.

Check out more by Jeff and Alyssa here!

6) WHOA That’s Good Podcast by Sadie Robertson

Because who doesn’t love Sadie? This sweet, down-to-earth, Jesus-loving lady invites people who have impacted her life and faith to come on the show. She asks her guests just one question: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? The answers that come are practical wisdom and proven to work!

Why You Have to Listen: Everyone has received bad advice in their life – come to a place where the advice is guaranteed to be good!

Favourite episode: The Premiere Episode – Bestselling author and speaker, Bob Goff. Honestly, just like the sweetest conversation with your grandpa. He is so wise and so loving.

7) Anatomy of Marriage Podcast by Melanie & Seth Studley

Marriage isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s downright messy. Seth and Melanie share their story of when their marriage wasn’t so good and their journey of rebuilding their relationship. They also invite all sorts of experts (and some non-experts with experience) to talk about the many facets of marriage. They talk about what is happening behind the scenes when marriages break down, and give practical strategies to rebuilding.

This podcast is great for married couples (obviously) no matter if you’re struggling in your marriage or are in a great place, but I also think it’s great for anyone who ever hopes to be married.

Why You Have to Listen: Marriage is great! But sometimes it’s not, and we need to know how to talk about the hardships openly and honestly, and learn what to do after (or before!) things fall apart.

Favourite episode: Q+A: How to know what you are truly feeling, Clearing Structure & Communication. This episode is fantastic for everyone – married, engaged, dating, single. Basically if you have ever had a disagreement with another human that did not end well, this episode is for you.

8) SHE Podcast with Jordan Lee Dooley

Here’s another amazing woman of faith I can’t get enough of, and also legitimately forget that we are not IRL bffs. Jordan is so real and down-to-earth and relatable – this podcast truly feels like you’re on a coffee date with a good friend. This show is all about practical tips for life (faith, relationships, health, business) and how to live intentionally.

(I also got to be part of the SHE launch team, and I am so excited to promote this podcast with all my heart! #teamshe)

Why You Have to Listen: Jordan is so adorable and will immediately feel like your best friend. She is all about the practical advice that is super easy to implement.

Favourite episode: What To Do When You Worry About Being a Bother. I didn’t really think this episode was for me, until the first thing Jordan talked about was being nervous to text a friend about going for coffee, thinking that they must be too busy and will be annoyed by you talking to them. Okay, Jordan, you get me.

There you have it! 8 of my favourite Christian podcasts, to help you grow in life and faith. I love listening to these podcasts to learn and grow in my faith, and also to be inspired and encouraged. Here they are again, so you can go check them out:

1. The Bible Project

2. Exploring My Strange Bible

3. Ask Me Anything with J. D. Greear

4. Journeywomen

5. The Real Life Podcast

6. WHOA That’s Good Podcast

7. Anatomy of Marriage Podcast

8. SHE Podcast

Which ones are you going to check out? Do you have a favourite that’s not on my list? Comment below!

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