Hey!  I’m Shaneen Thompson

…a writer, moderate geek, and Jesus lover from Alberta, Canada.

 Welcome to The Hoot & Howl!

moderate geek: [noun mod-er-it geek]

1. a person who has enthusiastic interest in a specialized subject and some mediocre expertise about the subject (compiled from definitions on www.dictionary.com)

2. a person whose interest in nerd culture began vicariously through her friends and now she’s gotten in too deep to get out

I feel equally at home in both cute little coffee shops and quaint rustic pubs. When I’m not at my regular day job, or writing at The Hoot & Howl, you can find me devouring a classic novel, binging something weird on Netflix with my husband, or playing an obscure board game with my friends.

Like I said, I’m not an expert geek in any particular area, but I dabble in just about everything from fandom worthy tv shows to tabletop games to videogames. My general rule for finding something interesting is that it has a good story and good characters – plot/lore just reel me in. My interest in stories is just a part of my bigger obsession with words and language (guess that explains my Linguistics degree).

I started The Hoot & Howl because I was feeling trapped and directionless, but was not about to stay there. I set out to reclaim my passions and felt called to put them to good use. I strongly believe in the power of stories to touch lives, and the story of Jesus impacts a heart like none other. I’m super passionate about diving deep into the richness of God’s Word, and I’m here to share what I discover with you. Guys, I know how confusing the Bible can be at times. Sometimes I’ve got to dumb it down for myself, so I’ll be talking about topics in a super simplified, easy to understand way. And, as a moderate geek, I’ll be fitting together faith and fandoms, and helping you grow to be a bold Christian in today’s world.

I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know each other. Let’s start out on this adventure!


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Photo credit (this image and banner image):  Gively Flower Co.

Photo credit (this image and banner image): Gively Flower Co.

Five Fun Facts!

1) My favourite fandom is Doctor Who and I can (and will) talk about it for hours (days...?).   I’ve gotten to meet both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at local comic expos and that’s a big deal because the Twelfth Doctor is MY Doctor and I AM Clara.

2) As much as I like happy endings, I am a sucker for anything that will make me cry.  Love those bittersweet moments! (*cough*DoctorWho*cough*)

3) I love (trying) to lay the smack down in Mario Kart (dibs Yoshi!) and Marvel vs. Capcom (I will beat you with Phoenix Wright), but I also really love co-op videogames!

4) I love traveling and so far I have been to four continents and eleven countries – and no, I cannot pick a favourite.

5) I love the ocean – which is probably the most tragic love story of a prairie girl you’ll ever read.